Low Oxalate Meal Plans

  I’m really excited for my Low-Oxalate, Anti-Inflammatory cookbook due out in September from Skyhorse Publishing! I’m working on the finishing touches before I turn it in right now but have had several people email and ask about low ox meal plans. If you cook for your family, every night in the kitchen is huge… Read More Low Oxalate Meal Plans

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Nephure for Oxalates

  I spent a good portion of my day yesterday trying to find blogs that are geared towards those of us who are watching oxalates, and aside from the more medically geared sites, there’s very few! Why so little info on oxalates? Do you think its because oxalates are not well known yet? There are… Read More Nephure for Oxalates

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What Are Oxalates?

I have been having various health issues and someone on a message board pointed out that oxalates might be to blame. “Oxalates?” I asked. “I’ve never heard of them! No, that can’t be the problem.” But could it? Having an open mind and tired of experiencing strange and painful symptoms, I went into full investigative… Read More What Are Oxalates?