What is an OATS test?

On a few of the message boards I frequent, I heard about something called an “OAT test” which I had no clue about. It made me think of oatmeal and I immediately imagined a canister of Quaker oats. Sidebar: I miss oatmeal. Its high in oxalates, even the gluten free kind. Anyway… OAT is most… Read More What is an OATS test?


Oxalate Overload

    When I stumble upon a good article about oxalates, I want to share it with you. I think that as people start learning about oxalates, they will be searching for information and I’d love to help you find good articles and help. I like to research and lately I have been consumed with… Read More Oxalate Overload

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Nephure for Oxalates

  I spent a good portion of my day yesterday trying to find blogs that are geared towards those of us who are watching oxalates, and aside from the more medically geared sites, there’s very few! Why so little info on oxalates? Do you think its because oxalates are not well known yet? There are… Read More Nephure for Oxalates


What is SIBO?

I think its years and years of stress that have been bottled up inside and is now wrecking havoc on my body, specifically my digestive system! The long and the short of it is that after a stressful year or so, I blacked out one night and had such a severe panic attack that my… Read More What is SIBO?


What Is Copper Toxicity?

I’ve been reading so much about adrenal fatigue, candida, leaky gut, pyroluria, anxiety and depression and all of these problems are or can be related in some way to Copper Toxicity. Have you heard of this? I kind of knew about it but didn’t know much. I’ve spent this afternoon reading about this condition and I wanted… Read More What Is Copper Toxicity?